What you do matters

I work for a local 86 year-old family-owned company which has four retail branches and a stellar reputation in the community. We celebrated Christmas together this evening with our annual company Christmas party at a very well known unique hotel (not part of a chain). The conversation and dinner was good. I was able to put some names to faces of people who I speak with daily on the phone, but had not yet met. That was the best part of the evening for me.

I am just one low level employee in the company, yet being in the presence of the majority of employees caused me to consider my place in the business. As small as my role is, it is significant. The way I choose to interact on the phone and in person with my colleagues and with clients has a collective impact over the course of the years, two and counting at this writing. My attitude, professionalism, work ethic, desire to perform with excellence, and so on, all collaborate to make a difference in the profitability and reputation of the company. The same is true for my professional colleagues. I do not say this as a way to brag. I say it to point out that no matter how insignificant you may feel your job is in your professional environment, you are important. What you do matters.

The little things matter, as do the large. The way I comport myself on the phone, relate to customers in person, maintain the cleanliness of the grounds and facility, assure that the receiving and shipping is done with accuracy, and so many other tasks which round out my workday–the way I do these things, however small they may be by themselves, matters.

Is it any different in our churches? It doesn’t matter if you are full-time paid staff, part-time, or even volunteer like me. We must strive for excellence. The resources at our disposal are only part of the equation. Far more important is our attitude, discipline and desire for ministry excellence. We should strive to be and do the best we possibly can with the resources God has provided for us. Complaining will not get us anywhere. Doing our best with a positive attitude, however, will cause us and those who choose to follow our leadership, to excel in ways we never thought possible in the natural.

God has a way of blessing those who labor with cheerful hearts and with no thought to their own recognition. God knows who you are, those of you reading this who labor in obscurity, possibly with just a handful of little ones. Keep at it. Be faithful. Keep learning and growing and rejoicing at the privilege God has given you to be his hands extended to the children and families under your loving care.


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