Thanksgiving Dinner With Family

I sat at the teen’s table with two nieces and a nephew, while the other adults sat at the main table. We tried to make each other laugh, and succeeded. I did my “trying to be a cool uncle who knows how to talk like a teen routine,” using words that were outmoded even when I was a teen. Predictably, they rolled their eyes and laughed. Then somehow, we got on a kick about imitating Gollum, which was pretty funny. I made some funny faces. They actually laughed. Then they asked me to imitate their dad, my brother, and I did for a few minutes. I wonder if he noticed? :)

We also had some serious talk during the evening. About aspirations. The future. Their dreams and hopes. I am a little better informed as to how I might pray for them. I am so proud of them.

It was fun to be silly and occasionally serious. It was fun simply to be myself with family. I felt as if once again, I was being given a taste of what it means to live in authentic community on a very personal level. How refreshing.


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