Top Ten Reasons I Will Be Glad to Finish Seminary

I put this in the humor category, although I am actually being quite honest in my list. :) Once I finish this final class paper, I will then be concerned with my dissertation proposal, research, and writing. Hopefully I will get it done by the Spring of 2009 so I can graduate.

10. No more figuring out how to pay tuition.
9. No more late nights wrangling with papers that only my professor will read.
8. No more having to choose between writing about community and being in community.
7. No more having to explain to people that I am not leaving when I graduate.
6. No more excuses to procrastinate writing my novel.
5. No more having to wear a gown with a goofy hat and frilly tassle.
4. No more late night panic attacks about an assigment I forgot to do.
3. No more using my vacation time to be in school.
2. No more syllabi.
1. No more degrees.

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