Overheard in Sunday School

As I roved from room to room during the Sunday School hour, I took note of the lesson being taught in the kindergarten and 1st grade class. They were learning about Paul and Silas having been tossed into jail for delivering a demonized young woman who profited her handlers through fortune telling. Obviously, the story was being communicated on their level, with an emphasis on their love for God and their trust in God to help them. At one point a six year old boy piped up and said, “I can’t imagine anyone being put in jail just for loving God.” It resurfaces the age old question which many of us have heard over the years. Would we be found guilty of loving God if tried in a court of law?


2 thoughts on “Overheard in Sunday School

  1. Nice to chat with you all the way from Denmark! I am going to tell my husband about your blog, he is always talking about the environment and peak oil and our responsibility for the environment, he even has a few stocks in a windmill factory…. it might bless his green soul to meet another nerd….

    “we shall return”

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