The little ones of my church currently are practicing for a one act play which they will perform on December 23 at my church. It is based on Max Lucado’s book, “The Crippled Lamb.” I wrote a brief script, adapting the text of the book to the one act. The play lasts about 15 minutes. I first did it about 10 years ago with a group of kids who are now teens. I thought it would be fun to try it again with a new group. My current group is a bit younger than the first. But they are no less precocious. This Sunday I will hand out two of the main parts, Josh the crippled lamb and Abigail the cow. I also will have a couple of understudies for each part. That way if any of the leads cannot make it, someone else can step in.

Abigail likes to say moo alot. She is the crowd favorite. Last Wednesday there were several little girls running out of PowerClub Kids yelling MOO! Good thing I already told their parents what is happening. I could have a lot of explaining to do. :)

Hopefully I will have some photos of the performance to share. Stay tuned. Errm, rather, MOOOO.


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