What Do Children’s Pastors Look Like?

“But you don’t look like a children’s pastor,” my hairdressor insisted in surprise as she discovered my other occupation.

“What do children’s pastors look like?” I asked.

“Well, I assumed they wore a special uniform or something.”

I did all I could to treat her comment seriously. “Hmm, okay. Well, I am just a forklift driver who happens to work with kids and their families in the evenings and on weekends.”

Silently she put the finishing touches on my haircut, no doubt wondering when I would do something children’s pastorish. Alas, I think that, in my normalcy, I somehow invaded her expectations with reality.

“I used to help in children’s ministry,” she offered.

Ah, personal experience. Hence, the preconceived notions. “You aren’t now?”

“I am not going to a church right now.”

“Well you would be welcome to come to mine. We are just everyday people who help each other and our community and who love God. We have our problems, like any church. But we work together to work them out.”

“I will tell my sister about that. We will see what happens.”

I left her with my card and a tip for a job well done. Indeed, we will see what happens.


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