The Heart of a Child

I remember the day, not so long ago, when the kids who are now in first and second grade would ask for prayer for bumps and scrapes a bruises and owies. They still do occasionally. Here is an edited sampling of recent prayer requests which I asked them to write in their own words on 3 x 5 note cards. I also asked them to write their names on the cards and give them to me so I can be praying for them this week.

1. my great uncle died a week a go.
2. we selled are dog and I don’t know if shes ok. or not.
3. Dear God i hop my dads back gets better.
4. I want for my cousin that she got in her home o kay be cus she had a fire close to her home
5. I want prayer for my mom because she is in california and she not gonna be bach 2 Saderday

By asking them to write down what is on their hearts to pray about, I received a glimpse into their interior lives. It is helping inform how I might pray for them and the direction of my teaching and how I lead children’s worship for the days to come. There is something intensely sacramental about coming into agreement with a child for prayer. God is listening very closely. And the children know that He hears them. We adults can learn from them in this regard. If we would set aside our sophisticated discussions about ministry strategy and philosophy for just a moment, and sit on the floor with our kids, and hear their prayers and concerns in their words, we will see opened before us a wondrous world of faith. Simple. Unrefined. Potent. Real.

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