When Illness Visits

Over the last few days I have progressively felt a cold coming on. It has been gradual, but certain. Tiredness, aches, head cold symptoms, and so on. Today I began to experience a mild fever. So I called one of my faithful co-workers and asked if he could substitute for me during the second hour. He said, “Sure!”

He set my mind at ease. He is one of those guys who will find a way to get a job done, if it is within his power to do so. He is a leader by his example, his attitude and the respect he has earned from those who know him. So when illness visits me, as it does rarely, I know I can call him to make sure the kids have the best possible leadership.

I would rather be with the kids tomorrow, than at home in bed. But I don’t want them to catch whatever it is I have. So thanks bro, for setting my mind at ease, and thanks Lord, for giving me faithful friends and colleagues.


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