Yosemite Summit 2008

Leave it to the Kidologist, Karl Bastian of Kidology.org, to invent the unconference for children’s pastors. The result? Yosemite Summit 2008. This is a limited five-day sabbatical for 8 male children’s pastors, including Karl. The purpose, according to Karl, is to “provide both group and personal time of reflection, prayer, reading, and worship in a setting where God can truly be heard and experienced” (From About Page). I am going to have to pray seriously about this. It is the very kind of thing I have been attempting on my own in my area. In any event, check it out! It looks like it will be well worth the nominal cost.


2 thoughts on “Yosemite Summit 2008

  1. Thanks for the help spreading the word about Yosemite Summit! I can tell from you website that you also have a love for God and nature… i absolutely LOVE your blog header!! So far it looks like 3 spots are already filled, e-mail me if you’d like a registration form! (and anyone else reading this!)

    Thanks! I can hardly wait until May!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Karl. I may well take you up on that offer in the next week or two if I find out my schedule permits. I don’t want to keep someone else from participating until I know for sure. :) Thanks for all you do!

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