No Greater Vocation

The city ebbs toward fitful slumber, although those who ply their trades at night now awaken, whether for good or for ill. Here I sit, sequestered in my home quietly as the midnight hour approaches. In the background the laundry tumbles in the dryer, a soothing cycle of subliminal white noise. I maintain a silent vigil of prayer for the little ones in my church, and those not so little anymore.

I pray that God protects them as they sleep and as they journey to the church campus tomorrow morning. I pray that their families make every effort to love one another in ways that honor the Lord God. I ask God to protect their hearts and minds and to help parents nurture them into a life of discipleship for Jesus Christ. I pray for their dads and moms, that God will give them wisdom, discernment, courage and endurance, and a joy which is unspeakable.

I thank God for their energy and excitement, their wonder and creativity. I can think of no greater vocation than to set aside my ambitions in order to serve parents and their children as together we learn what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ and also to bring others along with us in this journey of faith.


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