Curriculum: Where Do You Get Yours?

Three days remain in the poll regarding where you get your curriculum. If you have not voted yet, hurry on over and get ‘er done! This is a point of curiosity for me because of my background in curriculum sales and consulting and because it gives us some clues as to the way forward in the days ahead. I personally do a few things. I purchase Sunday School curriculum from my friends at Equipping Kids. I also get my VBS and some of my mid-week material from them. Periodically I write my own curriculum, especially for special events, mid-week and even for Children’s Church. Plus I pull materials off the internet and occasionally visit a couple of the local Christian book stores. So what do you do? Hurry up and vote! I will leave the results posted even after the poll closes. Thanks!


I have extended the curriculum poll to 30 September 2007. I hope this will encourage a higher volume of participants so we can all benefit from the final result. Please tell your friends!


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