When Grief Presides

Rough night last night. Morning provides the luxury of a new day with responsibilities on which to focus my attention. Grief presides for a moment in the privacy of my thoughts. The tangible reality of biblical hope, however, reminds me that, despite death’s invasive pain, it holds no lasting sting. Despite the harshness of this hour and those that may soon follow, there is an abiding sense of joy which strengthens me in the midst of grief. There is a renewed determination to live my life with authentic purpose which is devoid of the ubiquitous, pointless selfishness that seems to permeate my thinking and actions. There is a clarity refined by the focus of searing pain. It separates what is important from the chaff of selfish enterprise. It doesn’t make it any easier. On one level I wish it would simply go away. But then that would be selfish. My consolation is that Mom is doing remarkably well, woman of faith that she is, knowing that Dad is rejoicing in the presence of the Lord God. Yes, that is a consolation worth embracing, with its focus on the hope of Jesus Christ as an anchor for my soul, no matter what the days to come may bring.


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