Water Night

We had our water night this evening. 90 degree temperatures provided a perfect atmosphere for what turned out to be a fun experience. Most of the kids and workers got drenched. As kids arrived we had them sit on the grass, facing me. I began with a brief Bible story, describing how Jesus fell asleep in the boat on the lake as the wind began blowing, the waves began crashing and the wind came down. When I said that, one of the workers sprayed me with water from a hose. The kids thought that was pretty funny since they were “in” on the joke and I was not. Then I picked up my very large mega squirt gun and fought back. Then we both turned our water on the kids and the fun was on.

We had a station where kids tossed water balloons to a partner. Another station involved squirt guns in the hands of each child, with two groups in separate lines facing each other. The kids were to spray each other down and spray they did. A third station pitted two teams carrying water in cups held over their heads from one bucket to another some distance away. The final station had kids using a squirt gun to spray down a person in a cardboard refrigerator box which had a hole in it. The person donned goggles for his eyes and they got hosed down. I spent about five minutes in the box. When the water got to be too much I stuck my squirt gun through the hole and sprayed the kids back. :)

It was a fun evening for everyone. Next Wednesday is our Talent Show Night.

As pictures are developed I will share them.


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