The Evening’s Activities and Those Yet to Come

Tonight we relaxed our activities a bit to have a game and craft night. I had six game stations, including an xbox set up with four controllers and a nascar racing game. The other games included mini-basketball, velcro darts, and a few other target types of games. Then we had a simple, but cool craft in another room. Snack consisted of pancakes. All the stations were busy the entire evening. The exciting thing is that we were very busy even though about half our normal kids were gone. We had about 35 kids. Many of our first time VBS visitors have continued to come and also are planning to begin coming to our Sunday School in the fall. Hopefully they do.

I almost have my Sunday School teachers locked in for Fall. Given the increase in numbers I am launching a new class specifically for the 2’s and 3’s. I am still searching for a teaching team for that class but I am hopeful someone will step forward.

My children’s room looks very cool now. I have transferred the VBS decorations from the Annex to the children’s room in the gymnasium. I will add a few tweaks to it in the next few weeks but the kids seemed to enjoy the ambiance.

My priority this week is to create a cool postcard to mail to the families, informing them of Sunday School. My plan is for each teacher to personalize the card and then mail it to the homes of kids in their classes. The personal touch goes a long way in making a memorable statement to families. It is hard to believe Fall is almost here, but I think I am almost ready.


Glen Woods


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