New Ministry Resource: CrossTrick

I received an email from Douglas Stoll of today. He asked me to take a look at his website and to view the video demonstrating the CrossTrick product. I invite you also to visit his site. He does a nice job using the object lesson to clearly explain the gospel. It reminds me of another product which utilizes chemical reactions to illustrate the power of Christ’s shed blood over sin. In this case he uses a cross-shaped object to make the point. I think this would be a good resource for those working with older children, youth and adults.

I am especially encouraged to note that he desires to strengthen missionaries on the field since he is former missionary himself. He writes on his website, “Don’t need a kit for yourself? If you donate $5 to Hiz Kidz Ministries, then a full kit will be given to a missionary in a country of your choice. Donate now!!!” Otherwise, the kits cost $17.95 each. Chemical refills cost $7.95.

So check it out!


Glen Woods


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