Focus on the Margins

Last Wednesday, a pedestrian caravan of moms and an occasional dad with young children walked up to the registration table of our weekly VBS. Most are in tough situations economically and socially. Some come from the apartments across the street. Others come from the immediate neighborhood. They have been faithfully bringing their kids each week to enjoy the ministry. This has given me and others from the church an opportunity to get to know not only the kids, but the parents. We have been able to love on them, encourage them, appreciate them and let them know how special they are, moms, dads and kids alike. Regardless of the difficulty in which they now find themselves, we want our church to be a home for them where they may encounter God in worship and find authentic friendship in community. My heart is focused on the margins, where real people struggle with real hurts and feel abandoned. I thank God that he has not forgotten them. I pray that we effectively do our part to integrate them as disciples into the community of faith so that sense of abandonment may peel away as a forgotten memory and be replaced by joyful loving relationships with God and fellow believers.


Glen Woods


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