Ikea Play Area

IKEA opened in Portland, Oregon this morning. They want whole families to come, kids included. In fact, they have developed a Kids Play Area which is sure to capture the imagination of little ones and cause them to ask mom and dad to bring them back again and again. Just go here and then browse to the Kids Play Area video. Question: Are the kids environments in our churches family friendly, kid appreciated and parent approved? In my view, we do not have to reduplicate Disneyland, but surely we can do better than bland colors and lists of rules on walls. So, what is your church doing to create a family friendly learning environment?


Glen Woods


4 thoughts on “Ikea Play Area

  1. Provide dart boards with pictures of Nancy Pelosi or Ted Kennedy (a big easy target) in the middle?

  2. Thanks for your opinion justadog. :) Given that this isn’t a political blog, I will simply keep searching for ideas.


    Glen Woods

  3. LOL, ok. How about this:

    If you live close to Ikea then have the children assemble something the church can make use of, or better yet, something the children in the church could use.

    Nothing like helping to construct something and have a feeling of pride when you look at it. You can bet they will want to show their parents too.

    They will learn. Their time will be absorbed. They can even offer their parents to let them assemble other Ikea (or other companies) products during their church time.

  4. Now that is a practical idea I can put to use. I will give that some thought. I agree that kids love to participate in the process and take pride in their work. Thank you for the idea!


    Glen Woods

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