Biggest Children’s Ministry Leadership Challenge: Results of Totally Unscientific Poll

I asked: What is your biggest children’s ministry leadership challenge?

You responded:

Lack of volunteers 3 (50%)
Inadequate facilities 0 (0%)
Lack of support from church leadership 3 (50%)
Lack of finances 0 (0%)
Discipline issues 0 (0%)
Inadequate curriculum 0 (0%)
Other 0 (0%)

Half of you said lack of volunteers is the biggest ministry challenge you face and the other half said lack of support from church leadership. Notwithstanding the completely unscientific nature of this survey, it is telling to me that both sets of responses which received a vote pertain primarily to the human element of ministry, support from leadership and support from the congregation. Hmm. Something to chew on for awhile. If you have some breath-taking solutions, please do feel free to share. In time, I will contribute my ideas as well.

Oh! The newest poll is now posted: What is your church doing to equip parents? Check it out in the right hand column and let me know what you think!


Glen Woods


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