Networking and Community

I have had an interesting week of feedback from several folks from various parts of the world, specifically Asia, South Africa and the USA. Aside from very helpful feedback in terms of font size, word choice and technical specifications, one of the themes which has emerged with several people is the need for a place on the web where location specific groups can share and discuss issues culturally pertinent to their parts of the world. I have long understood the value of a well run local network so I empathize with the desire specific folks have shared to either strengthen their current networks, or begin one in their area.

As a result of this feedback I am going to be developing a new section of the website specifically dedicated as a launch pad for web based networks. I am particularly interested in helping individuals or existing networks who see the need for a web community relating to a local network in their area but desire initial help in getting it started. My aim would be to offer support, but it would be up to you to provide content since you know your area much better than me. Of course you would be welcome to use any of the content related to this blog or to benefit your network.

If you have a network blog or website, or you desire to start a blog for your network as a tool for communication, please feel free to email me the url. Upon approval I will add a link to your blog on

For those of you who live in the Portland/Vancouver area please note that we already have a blog up and running specifically for you. It is located at


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