New Nuclear Power Emerges

North Korea has apparently performed a successful underground nuclear test. This event has sent shock waves literally and diplomatically around the world. This ought to be cause for intensified intercessory prayer for numerous reasons, a few of which I will mention here:

  • N. Korea has also been testing long range missiles. If they are able to load weapon’s grade nuclear material on an “accurate” long range missile it will have dire implications not only for their Asian counterparts, but also for the USA.
  • Technically North Korea has been at war with South Korea and the USA for the past 5o years. This even could lead to an imflammation if diplomacy is not successful in alleviating international concerns.
  • I have listened to several North Korean experts admit that North Korea has made a grievious miscalculation if they think this event will force the USA to sit down for one on one talks.
  • North Korea has an ongoing history of selling arms to Iran and other countries.
  • Some say that Kim Jong-il is not suicidal and that he wouldn’t try to start a war with the USA because he knows his country would be destroyed. That may be true, but yesterday’s miscalculation reveals a serious lack of higher reasoning. They also say he is “smart.” Perhaps, but clearly he is not wise.

Specific ways to pray:

  • Pray that God will penetrate and give wisdom to the hearts of world leaders, especially the eight leaders of nuclear powers.
  • Pray for President George W. Bush in particular, for wisdom to make wise decisions which benefit not only the USA but also the international community.
  • Pray for North Korea and its leaders, that they will stand down from this dangerous arms race and also come to know the hope that is in Jesus Christ. Pray for any Christians in that land, that they will be safe and effective in sharing their faith.


Glen Woods


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