A few thoughts on what being "called" to children’s ministry means to me

I am committed to the task God has given me, especially when times are hard and when ministry seems arduous–dare I say it, thankless. Having a sense of call goes beyond temporal feelings. Warm fuzzies come and go, but a deep rooted foundational commitment to serve regardless of circumstances is integral to effective ministry and to faithful fulfillment of my assigment. Being called moves into a sphere beyond mere professional duty or altruistic volunteer idealism. Whether a person is financially compensated or performs ministry in a volunteer context, as I do, it is critical to have a fundamental clarity regarding purpose and assignment.

Personally my calling is to make disciples of the nations one person at a time all the days of my life. So I am called to all ages generally and to children specifically. I recognize the fertile opportunities to reach tender hearts for Jesus Christ and also to bring meaningful ministry to their families, especially their parents. The cool stuff we do and the creative expressions of ministry we unleash are all outcomes of a desire to bring people to an authentic biblical relationship with the Lord God through Jesus Christ.

Life is hard. But that does not mean we should bail out on the “call” because things are not going our way. If we are waiting for perfect circumstances then we wait in vain because they will never occur quite to our specifications. And if they should happen to occur, just wait a short while. The perfect circumstances will not be so perfect any longer.

So live the call, especially in hard times. Look forward to the prize. And do so joyfully! Philippians 3:14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. NIV.


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