HomePDX: A Church for the Homeless in Portland, Oregon

Occasionally I am asked about the innovative ways in which people do church in Portland. HomePDX is a church which was planted by Ken Lloyd. It is an offshoot of the Bridge Church in North Portland, where his wife continues to pastor. Neither of these churches are self-consciously attempting to get attention via style. They simply are trying to reach distinct communities for which most of us have little understanding or contact. The video below gives you a taste of a typical Sunday morning gathering. You may also visit them on the web at homepdx.net. However, be warned that the website does contain pervasive bad language. I do not personally agree with it, but it is what it is. So if you are easily offended, don’t bother navigating to their site. However, if you want to see authentic ministry in the margins of US American culture, then check it out.

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